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Drawing on data from [a wide range of...

The Upbeat Cinematic Showreel

Check out some of our past projects

Which? Consumer Insight

Initially provided for internal analyics of aggregated survey data, this application has grown...

Press Junkets for Warner Bros.

Working with Warner Bros. to help promote their hit T.V. shows, Arrow and The 100


Steering the 2015 general election [Ed: not quite]

Big Brother's Big Makeover

A live, multi-camera Google hangout at Elstree Studios? Impossible...

Which? Campaigns

In collaboration with Which?'s user experience team, we replaced their existing campaigning tools...

Bottoms Up with Majestic Wine

Showcasing Intershop's commerce solution for retailer Majestic Wine

H&M Summer Gardens

The footfall fandango

Yahoo and Renault’s Leap Year Proposal

Making dreams come true with Yahoo and Renault

Which?'s online subscription system

We have replaced the existing online subscription systems, providing an MVT capable theming...

Which? Political Party Conference Vox Pops

We help take the voice of the people to the policy makers


Working closely with Which? to create new products and develop new digital applications

Which? Trusted Traders

In just 16 weeks, we delivered an entire platform for onboarding traders, and for allowing users...


Onsite hospital shoots

Stan Lee Unboxes Electro

To promote the release of the The Amazing Spider-man 2 Electro Edition Blu-ray set, Sony Pictures...

Websites for The Overseas...

An ongoing relationship to create content management tools and new websites for...

Hidden Faces

Hidden Faces (fertility)

RT @BFI: 🚨 #LFF on sale alert🚨 Get your tickets for this year's BFI London Film Festival here:  http://bit.ly/2jpPh50  https://t.co/AxdiHpn…
RT @Raindance: See the best of #indiefilm before anyone else with the #Raindance Film Festival 2017 Pass. Find out more... https://t.co/fHP…
RT @cultjer: Breaking: Colin Trevorrow out as Star Wars: Episode IX director  http://cult.li/914636  pic.twitter.com/ZhvIdrE6Qt
RT @WBHorrorUK: IT's nearly here. #ITMovie, in cinemas this Friday. pic.twitter.com/yYfoqw3yP6
RT @BFI: Ahead of public booking tomorrow, explore the 2017 BFI London Film Festival programme in full #LFF 👉  http://theb.fi/2wXZJoX  http…
RT @BFI: Ahead of public booking tomorrow, explore the 2017 BFI London Film Festival programme in full #LFF 👉  http://theb.fi/2wXZJoX  http…
RT @universaluk: "We were shooting in these real locations. It was awe-inspiring." Take a look behind the scenes of #VictoriaAndAbdul, in…
RT @universaluk: The royal wait is almost over. Get ready for #VictoriaAndAbdul, in cinemas on Friday. Buy your tickets now: https://t.co/O…
RT @JJJFrans: #LFF is all around. 22 days until 🚀🚀🚀 pic.twitter.com/U1qWNvXMfJ
RT @BFI: As priority booking opens for this year’s #LFF, @EveningStandard's critics round-up the must-see movies:  http://theb.fi/2vRPh3u  h…
RT @REVL_world: There's only ONE WEEK left until @Raindance's Film Fest & we've got the whole programme for you right here >> https://t.co/…
RT @Raindance: Which of the 10 films battling it out for Best Film at #Raindance Film Festival are you rooting for?  http://festival.raindance.org/ 
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RT @universaluk: The royal arrival. Dame Judi Dench at the UK premiere of #VictoriaAndAbdul. pic.twitter.com/mD8iJR6Azv
RT @TheIndyFilm: Colin Trevorrow quits as director of Star Wars: Episode IX  http://ind.pn/2j1gXNc  pic.twitter.com/bT10GbXair
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We are very excited that Hyper Jump will have its UK #premiere at #raindance  http://bit.ly/HyperJumpRFF  @simonhaycock @LizzyMcMullen
Bored at home and local to @HenandChicksN1 ? You've got 20 mins to get there and see a fab show  https://twitter.com/lizzymcmullen/status/901029338665168896 
RT @upbeatprod: We are very excited that Hyper Jump will have its UK #premiere at #raindance  http://bit.ly/HyperJumpRFF  @simonhaycock @LizzyMc…
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Follow our film channel for the latest in cinema: @filmbeattweets  http://youtube.com/filmbeat1 
RT @BFI: Here it is! Explore the 2017 BFI London Film Festival programme in full #LFF 👉  http://bit.ly/2xAjmBE  pic.twitter.com/773IfLqGNX
RT @universaluk: "Genuinely moving" - Woman & Home #VictoriaAndAbdul is in cinemas September 15 pic.twitter.com/zTL4SEUGnN
RT @BFI: We've announced the #LFF 2017 programme - have a browse and let us know what are you most looking forward to https://t.co/Z6ytzVgV…
RT @cultjer: Stephen King gives his seal of approval in this new 'IT' featurette 🎈#IT  http://cult.li/913717  pic.twitter.com/4PH1mHOt7v
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RT @GameOfThrones: “You know who’s coming for you." Go inside "The Dragon and the Wolf" with the #GameofThrones Viewer's Guide: https://t.c…
RT @Independent: The intriguing, alternative Game of Thrones theory around Cersei's prophesy  http://ind.pn/2oXYe6M  pic.twitter.com/VxWj4aBn6s
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