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Sobell House came to us with an outdated Drupal 7 site that was not really working for its customers. Upbeat performed a full User Experience Audit and Technical Audit to help identify weak points within Drupal and the site design.

Extensive Knowledge Base design

Audit to Implementation

Before Upbeat onboards an existing Drupal site, we start with a full Technical Audit looking at: code, build, stability and quality. This creates a list of items we need to review, if any major issues are found then these will need to be resolved before we can onboard. In Sobell House's case we found a reassuringly sound foundation to build upon.

Upbeat then worked with the client to identify user personas and conduct a full User Experience Audit. This detailed process included: persona-based user testing, recording feedback, analysing Google Analytics data and establishing patterns around sales and abandonment. This information was then captured and presented, along with proposed solutions, to Sobell House.

This included:

  • Developing a user-centric and more modern design
  • Better promotion of courses, and simplified user flow
  • Improvements to information architecture and navigation
  • Adding modern markup and structured data for search engines
  • Improving the site language, for usability and Search Engine performance
  • Definition of emailed information to reduce administration

Visit the site.

Sobell House Home page
The redesigned site promoting courses.
Design and details
Proposed responsive design.

We work closely with the Sobell House team to make iterative improvements and suggestions to help move the online business forward.