Warwick Fabrics - Hotspot, Javascript love and some fancy new threads

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Warwick Fabrics UK are creators of exclusive furnishing fabrics for domestic and commercial interiors. They have been supplying fabrics to the trade for 25 years, alongside their sister company in Australia.

The Challenge 

To deliver a beautiful, fully responsive website that showcases Warwick Fabrics’ extensive range of collections and fabrics in full-colour glory, and also allowed customers to order free samples of their products using a familiar cart-based e-commerce style system.

The site’s design included some unique elements that demanded use of javascript throughout to enhance the experience, including a lovely full-page search window, and hoverable ‘hotspots’ that allowed clients and visitors to see which fabrics are featured in their collection images.

The Results

  • A beautiful, fully responsive, javascript-enhanced theme experience.
  • Clean and clear product presentation.
  • An easy, clean and recognisable e-commerce process for requesting samples, complete with a cart and checkout process.
  • Interactive javascript elements such as ‘hotspots’ and zooming in on fabric thumbnails to see more details.
  • Custom drupal interfaces for the client to organise their inventory.

The Solution

A robust e-commerce backbone was provided using Drupal and Drupal Commerce for the sample requests.

On top of this foundation we added a modern HTML5-based, fully responsive theme built from the designs supplied. The ‘hotspot’ functionality was added using custom Javascript, with some help from the jQuery library (and some lovely percentage-based maths).

The administrative side of the project also received some javascript love - with a custom interface for tagging hotspots to images and selecting which fabric to associate with it. Feedback from the client was very positive for this.

The frontend search functionality was created using custom Javascript and LESS - built to overlay the entire screen when clicked, it’s results come from Drupal’s built-in search module, with a little tweaking of the template to show relevant fabrics for results.