Marketing Week Live 2019

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Earlier this month, we headed to Marketing Week Live at Olympia Conference Centre, to attend a range of seminars about content marketing, brand strategy and influencer marketing.

It’s always great to keep up to date with new trends and new technologies which are being utilised by marketing experts.  Spending time at MWLive helps us keep in touch with what our clients are looking for, where their focus will be over the next year, and what issues they may be struggling with so that we can offer support in the best way possible.  


At the Brand Engagement and Content Stage, we attended two seminars on content marketing, which highlighted the competitive world of online content marketing and how to stand out in the crowd.  


It didn’t come as a surprise to us to hear that video is key in content marketing and it’s becoming a much more significant part of integrated marketing strategies, which we’re really excited about!  We’re often supporting and collaborating with clients on the types of video content they could create and some of our key takeaways from the seminars we attended are:


Be yourself! Embrace your unique brand values and personality and showcase it through engaging, authentic content.

Be consistent with content, whether you decide to create videos once a week, once a month or every quarter… find a pattern that works for you and stick with it.

Don’t forget to create content to engage the audience you already have.  


If you need any help with marketing or want to talk through some ideas, get in touch with our marketing team.


We enjoyed our time at MWLive2019, keeping up to date with the ever-changing world of digital marketing and we’re looking forward to seeing where video goes next!