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Upbeat visited Whichford's premises several times, and learned that most purchases from the retail shop occurred after a tour of the workshops. Hence the design now emulates the same journey that visitors to the premises experience: a 'tour' followed by an 'exit through the gift shop'. The results speak for themselves.

Detailed design showcasing the pots.

Content Driven E-Commerce

Whichford pottery is a family run business which prides itself on unique skills and processes, the time taken on each product, the ethically sourced materials - even making its own clay - to give each pot a unique Frost Free Guarantee.

The new site was designed to take the customer on a personal journey, introducing them to the Whichford team and the history of the business, then guiding them through the workshop, showing the customer exactly how they produce their pots, from preparation to hand pressing and decoration, and finally drying and firing.

In order to achieve this we upgraded the ageing Magento site to Drupal 7 Commerce the preferred technology as it offers greater content control and a strong user shopping experience.

Working closely with the client, Upbeat creating detailed wireframes, user journeys and style guides to clarify exactly how users would navigate the site.

See Whichford Pottery for yourself.

Whichford Pottery Home Page
Whichford Pottery Home Page
Whichford Pottery Home Page
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Since the site went live, the feedback from both the client (content editors and administrators) and customers is that it’s much easier to use and navigate. Administrators are able to easily add content and manage the day to day running of the site, so the site is always up to date with latest information and products, while the increase in revenues is driving significant ROI. By taking the time to fully understand the Whichford brand, and its customers, Upbeat has successfully brought it to life, online.