Which? Political Party Conference Vox Pops

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Working in parallel to the political party conferences, the Which? Events team asked us to create a series of vox pops videos to capture the public’s opinion on the economy to support their campaigning work.

These videos were pushed out on social media and shown at the conferences on the Which? stand. The videos were updated daily based on the day’s interviews, and also included animated graphics and captions of key soundbites. 


Vox Pops

Motion Graphics


Overnight Delivery

Caitlin Collins


"Having the chance to travel around the country and spend a few days in different places was a great opportunity. The whole Which? project was a huge learning curve for me and gave me the opportunity to see how Upbeat works in different locations and situations."

Helen Murray

Production assistant

"Working on a campaign where we knew we could take people's opinions and present them to the parties themselves was a very rewarding experience for me."

Zara Ballantyne-Grove

Producer and interviewer

"It was fascinating to hear people's opinions on the economy, and we certainly met some interesting characters along the way! We knew the project would be a challenge from the outset, with a tough schedule that typically had us out and about filming by 10am, and editing until the early hours of the morning every day to ensure that Which? had fresh content for their social channels and live on branded screens inside the party conferences before 8am. The Events team at Which? were great to work with, and made many late nights enjoyable!"

Tom Webb

Camera operator and editor

"Even though the days were long and intense, it felt good that we were creating a product that delivered a message from the public directly to policy makers."