Which? Case Study

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Since 2012, we’ve worked alongside Which? and their internal teams and partners to co-create a number of new products, and to develop or replace a number of their existing applications.

Throughout these projects, we have delivered software and product delivery management via extremely rapid and agile methodologies, working with a wide range of internal departments, consultants and data sources. We are proud that each project has been delivered on time and on budget.


Ruby on Rails


Large Data Volume

High Velocity Project

Salesforce Integration

Tools for traders to edit business profiles

Reviews and replies

Sophisticated geo-search toolkits


Massive Real-time Data Aggregation

CRM Integration

Data collection and analysis tools

Payment Service Integration

Built to support continuous MVT

Support dynamic offers and single-sign-on

Dynamic Data Analysis

Customisable Analytics Functions


Which? Trusted Traders

In just 16 weeks, we delivered an entire platform for onboarding traders, and for allowing users to search for endorsed traders. This application included a complex mapping and geo search requirement, and is built to provide scale as well as a flexible themeing for the frontend.

Click here to view Trusted Traders.

Which? University

Drawing on data from a wide range of sources, we collated and combined the data and married it to Which?’s editorial content to produce the definitive guide to help students to make informed decisions about their higher education choices.

Built in Ruby on Rails, and utilising an innovative data store to power the complex data analysis, search and ingection tools, this complex data driven website and its accompanying datatoolkits were constructed during a 12 week project utilising scrum.

The simplicity of the design belies the complexity beneath of combining disparate data about sources and subjects! The website increases to grow in popularity, and won the “intohigher” award in 2013.

Click here to view Which? University.

Which? Campaigns

In collaboration with Which?’s user experience team, we replaced their existing campaigning tools and website. We created an underlying platform for content aggregation and curation, tools for data capture and analysis, and the frontend website at which.co.uk/campaigns for supporters to engage and keep up to date on each campaign.

This project took 16 weeks, and delivered a flexible and expandable platform that integrated with a number of 3rd party APIs and in-house systems.

Which?'s Online Subscription System

We have replaced the existing online subscription systems, providing an MVT capable theming solution to optimise conversion, bespoke integration with CRM and Payment systems, and detailed analytics and process modelling capabilites.

This application has been carefully designed to scale into a complete “accounts” platform, to be capabile of replacing all online signup, login and self-service managemetn of users, whilst delivering the initial requirement in a matter of 4 weeks.

Click here to view Which?'s Online Subscription System.

Which? Consumer Insight

Initially provided for internal analyics of aggregated survey data, this application has grown into a consumer-facing website providing analysed data about the UK economy and the UK population’s opinions and behaviour relating to it.

Click here to view Which's Consumer Insight.