Arrow / The 100 Press Junkets

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Warner Bros. asked us to film a press junket at a London hotel for two of their hit TV shows, Arrow and The 100.

We set up two rooms for interviews with A and B cameras as well as a third room for greenscreen idents.

The 100 Setup

The 100 Setup

Arrow Setup

Arrow Setup


Adam Stevens

Assistant producer

"Working with great young talent and getting some huge outlets fascinating interviews. I'm a big fan of the TV shows so making sure they ran to time was a challenge I was happy to take on with such outrageous stories being told."

Caitlin Collins

Assistant producer

"The junket for The 100 and Arrow has been my favourite project to date at Upbeat. It was a lot of hard work but also an incredibly fun day. The talent on the day were fantastic and I really appreciated the opportunity to work on such an important project."

Helen Murray

Camera operator

"I always enjoy working on Warner Bros. jobs but the Arrow and The 100 junket was incredibly fun and for me, personally, it was my first big shoot behind the camera, which is always fun."

Zara Ballantyne-Grove


"Shoots which involve the whole team are always a great experience, and this was no exception. The day was very intense but ran smoothly and efficiently with the collaboration of the great team at Warners."

Kieran Lefort

Camera operator

"I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much. Genuinely one of the most fun days of my career."

Rob Leventhall

Media manager

"Whilst being one of the largest undertakings since I have been with Upbeat, the team worked well and efficiently, resulting in a successful project."

Tom Webb

Camera operator

"Press junkets are very stressful environments and this was the biggest we have undertaken to date. The day ran very smoothly and the talent were a pleasure to work with."

Shelly Drury

Warner Bros.

"Working with Upbeat is always an absolute pleasure. They offer a friendly, professional service, both at their studio and at offsite locations."