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What if? junket interview with Daniel Radcliffe

On Tuesday the 12th of August 2014 Adam Stevens interviewed Daniel Radcliffe about his first romantic comedy: What If?. They joked about eating unhealthy food, wearing flesh-coloured g-strings, and annoying Canadians. It was a rare, candid and open interview with a star who was up for a little fun. The two camera interview was edited by Upbeat’s in-house production department before being placed online.


Then the internet had fun

Once our editorial team published the video online to our various media partners, a member of user-generated social news website Reddit saw Daniel making fun of Canadians and decided to turn it into the meme “How to annoy Canadians” - which did strikingly well online. It quickly rose to feature on Reddit and Imgur’s front page, and at its peak was the second-highest rated story of the day on August 21st. The image was eventually reposted to several other sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, 9gag and Tickld, generating over 2 million views.


Internet Famous

Reddit radcliffe




Adam was sad

Adam's attempt to claim source failed, but he got 29 karma points for trying.

Didn't get source


reddit user

When he said "We play real hockey, field hockey" I puked in my mouth a little bit.



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