Our creative team consists of trained camera operators and editors who have worked extensively in content production, meaning client and brand messages are always in safe hands, from inception to completion.

We have over a decade of professional experience in filming and post production services and deliver high quality videos for our clients.  We can take care of every aspect of visual storytelling for our clients, from planning through to scripting, interviewing, filming and editing.  Having worked within the film and entertainment industry, we have significant experience in providing fast turnaround coverage, cutting overnight edits for events and delivering the finished product within hours of the shoot taking place.     

Throughout the creative process, we carefully consider the strategic aims of each project and we can also advise on the best way to maximise the effectiveness of the content we create. 

Video Production

We create engaging and targeted video and audio content which can aid PR and marketing campaigns, increase SEO and drive brand engagement and excitement.

  • Promotional & bespoke content creation
  • On-location event filming
  • Short form documentaries

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Entertainment Syndication

We have over ten years experience in the film and entertainment industry, filming panel discussions, Q&A's, press conferences and press junkets.  We create talent-focused content for our clients, finding the real stories behind the big screen.

  • Press Junkets
  • Panel and interview filming
  • Q&A's
  • EPK

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