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Working with Miioon

We often get involved with startups. Miioon is a very exciting startup providing both innovative products for kids, and a platform for individuals to create their own businesses or charitable events. Upbeat are working with Miioon to provide corporate and training videos, website and platform design and usability advice, and to create bespoke content for advertising and marketing purposes. The TV adverts we created for Miioon were aired on Nickelodeon in Q3 2014.


About Miioon

In today’s digital world where our kids are given so much choice, big retailers take those choices down their aisles and strangle them! Miioon strives to offer kids the choice they desire in a fun, safe way and produce that outcome on quality products that pleases both adult and child.


Peter Robertson

Upbeat Founder

It's enjoyable working with such a fast moving and energetic startup that has the potential to be a new global brand and commerce platform. I’m glad that our production, product design and technology know-how is helping to steer it, and that we are able to contribute in such extremely diverse ways from the creation of TV adverts to detailed software architecture.


Tom Webb

Upbeat Head of Creative

Miioon is a really interesting platform and it has been fun creating videos that contain lots of information yet still look visually interesting and very different to the usual type of training video.


Zara Ballantyne-Grove

Upbeat COO

It was great to partner with Miioon and guide their content strategy. Miioon is a really fun brand and it was very enjoyable bringing the material to life.


Investor video and Rocket Player based site

We created a a video pitch for potential investors that utilised our Rocket Player, which, driven by the video, dynamically populates content on a webpage. Just like this one.

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