Upbeat creates websites, e-commerce stores, apps, frameworks, service-layers, proof of concepts and prototypes using a range of technologies. We’ve architected and developed some huge projects catering to millions of end-users, as well as many smaller projects such as local businesses and charities. Whilst we are primarily technology agnostic we have specialist skills in a number of frameworks, search technologies and content management systems, such as Ruby on Rails (ruby), Symfony (php), Drupal 7 and Drupal 8, and Elasticsearch. Please see our case studies to explore some of our work.

The web has become a sophisticated and intelligent place requiring even simple websites to behave like software, interacting with other systems capturing, storing and synchronising data to provide a seamless user experience. Are you fully utilising the capabilities of web application technology in your organisation?

Desktop web browsers, mobile browsers and apps are well established interfaces familiar to users. Web application can reduce training overheads when compared with traditional desktop software solutions. Similarly, cloud server environments and stable high speed internet connections provide scalable processing power that avoids the need for high performance office computers. Always on, 'access from anywhere' applications have revolutionised the business environment and reduced costs.

Harnessing existing software as service tools can be a highly cost effective way to solve common business problems such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), or finance management solutions, but applications that deliver your business brand and process, or make what you're offering unique are far harder to buy, "off the shelf". That's where developing your own bespoke web application can provide significant benefits, allowing you to connect standard back-office CRM, ERP and finance tools with something that suits your requirements.

Business sector cases for web application development that join data from other systems:

  • Customer portals
  • Partner portals & extranets
  • Intranet solutions

Alternatively, web applications can supplement your end-to-end business model, as is the case for many web startup models. The rise of brokerage and trading platform business models has been driven by the public's familiarity with mainstream transactional applications such as Ebay, and community business platforms such as Kickstarter. These web applications, with their in-browser interfaces, 'are' the business. Business sector cases we have experienced in recent years:

  • Holiday cottage brokerage
  • Online community management
  • Membership renewal management
  • Subscription publishing platform
  • Asset location tracking