We make extensive use of Elasticsearch, Solr and Lucene. We’ve delivered a range of solutions including simple site search, faceted search, real-time analytics dashboards and similarity matching for organisations including Which?, the UN and Unison. Getting complex search right often involves significant data modelling and transformation, as well as architectural skills. Our experience includes handling millions of data points from multiple data sources in near-real-time, including complex data transformation and necessitating careful consideration of data storage, processing performance and costs.

SEO, PPC & Social Media

Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts are able to consult on all areas of SEO, whether it’s covering the basics of keyword strategies and content entry, to the fine-tuning of your system with server-side optimisation, or a complete audit of your digital marketing strategy.

Our team has helped a range of businesses, from SME’s to banks, and delivered outstanding results. Our approach to SEO is about teaching you the skills you need to truly understand it, rather than locking you into contracts.

We can also support your Pay Per Click (PPC) activity with our Google Adwords accredited specialists, to either instigate or fine tune your campaigns.

We also have links to Social Media partners who can work with you as a part of your digital marketing strategy, while offering a range of integration options, making your site content more shareable and engaging.

Email Marketing & CRM

Digital marketing activity is an intrinsic part of making any solution a success. Your email marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are much like your sales and marketing teams. Each has a defined role in a shared component of the organisation. They may touch the same group of people in different ways and at different times, but are most effective when they collaborate and work on shared objectives.

Like sales and marketing, CRM and email marketing systems offer even greater benefits when their areas of expertise are integrated into a unified effort. A CRM’s capabilities vary from system to system. Almost all CRMs can store prospect and customer contact information. Some can log calls and emails sent to prospects, pull in prospects’ social media profiles, and include space for users to enter additional information.

More sophisticated CRMs can enrich prospect information, allow reps to schedule meetings within the app, visually display a sales team’s pipeline, and provide sales forecasts. Regardless of the features in place, the goal of implementing a CRM is to create a system that your business can use to more efficiently and effectively interact with prospects or customers. Our team has significant experience in CRM integrations, from MS Dynamics to Salesforce, and our specialists will work with you, and/or a third party, to identify the right digital products and strategies for your business.

Content Creation

We can help you think outside the box to create a stream of written, visual and video content which enhances your audience’s experience with interactive pieces of content, which are useful and shareable within appropriate networks.

Together, we'll create a framework that supports the sharing of your content via popular social channels. This in turn helps you to reach out to potential new audiences - being a reliable source is a great way to raise your profile and search engine placement too.

Tagging relating content by subject, so that there is always more to consume is a successful way to improve engagement - moving visitors along the user journey to suitable call-to- actions. Likewise, offering content in an interactive format provides personalised results, for example interactive maps that link interactively to a database of CMS tagged information and content.