Upbeat Productions

Growing national presence, new faces and additional services.

Hydrant are pleased to announce that we are now part of Upbeat Productions Ltd. Joining forces allows Hydrant to offer a wider range of technologies and creative expertise and a larger team as well as national coverage with staff based throughout the UK, including central London.

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“Breadcrumbs” and “Active trails” in Drupal 8

A regular feature we've needed a solution for in any Drupal website build is how to handle showing the breadcrumb and active trail (highlighted menu items). Drupal Core has always catered for this by using the menu structure, but when it comes to placing another page or pages of a certain type into the this active trail, a contributed solution has been required.

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Drupal Camp Brighton

Drupal Camp Brighton 2016 #DCB2016

Last month two of our apprentices packed their bags and hot-footed it down to the other end of the country to attend Drupal Camp Brighton, here they tell us a little more about why, what they learnt and what makes a good cake!

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MS Dynamics

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics with Drupal 7!

At Upbeat we’ve recently been working with a client on developing a new site that integrates data from a backoffice CRM to drive website structure, content, and user interaction. The backoffice system is a Microsoft Dynamics installation.

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Integrating with your CMS: eMarketing

Integrated solutions Building websites with our clients is normally just part of a broader digital strategy. Many companies will need to consider how the website integrates with their social media channels, and how it can support their marketing activities and customer engagement. With modern technology, the possibilities are almost endless - but there are some common threads. Most organisations capture information about their users. For some it can be as simple as a name and email address being added to a mailing list. Other organisations store more information about their users - perhaps their purchase history, geographic location, or preferences. Exposing that information to other channels and services is a key part of ensuring that digital interactions are strong and relevant.

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