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A great start to 2019!

We’ve had a busy month with new websites launching, new video content and a new starter - January has been a bit of blur! Time really does fly when you’re having fun!

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NWDUG Unconference 2018

Unconference 2018

Saturday 3rd November, saw the 2018 edition of the North West Drupal User Group's (NWDUG) Unconference (https://uncon.nwdrupal.org.uk/), the third since the Unconference started in 2016.

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Upbeat Update

It’s been a busy few months over the summer for team Upbeat, with our annual company away days, new recruits joining the team and the launch of our new website.

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NWDUG Unconference

A designer's take on attending a Drupal event

Our UX designer Stephen Dudley attended the North West Drupal User Group Unconference last month. Drupal events always welcome non-developers, but is there a benefit to attending? We asked Steve for his thoughts on the experience and which session that he gained most from.

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The Config Split module

Along with others in the Upbeat Dev team I attended the NWDUG unconference in Manchester earlier this month and a talk by @Paul_Gregory which addressed a subject I’ve asked myself the best way to solve when using Drupal 8 in a development, staging and live environment.

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PHP North West

PHP North West 2017

At the end of September 2017 one of our Drupal development team, Alejandro attended the 10th and (what sadly turned out to be the last for the foreseeable future) PHP North West Conference. The event combined a full day of active learning and lesson based sessions on a range of subjects, followed by a 1.5 day conference with 3 tracks of talks and best practice knowledge for over 500 delegates. Here are a few of Alejandro's tips and highlights.

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2017 Apprentices

Welcome to our 2017 Carlisle apprentices

This week we welcomed a trio of aspiring web developers to our year long apprenticeship programme. They will undertake technical training as part of a national peer group, alongside on-the-job learning and support from our team. They are joined by Matthew Proudman who started on the same day as a Junior Developer.

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Choosing the right mobile technology

Choose the right technology for your mobile app

There are a number of ways to build an app. At one end of the spectrum, there’s a website that feels like an app. At the other, there’s a true ‘native’ app - the ‘native’ bit means it’s joined at the hip to the device, so the user interface (UI) of both the app and device’s operating system (OS) feel identical, and the hardware capability of the device can be fully utilised. Following on from "you need a mobile app, now what?" - this second article on mobile explores the options available.

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apps on screen

You need an app. Now what?

In the first of a two part series on mobile apps, we take a look at common questions asked by organisations when starting a new mobile project. Part one outlines getting your project and strategy and supplier right. Part two details alternatives to building a traditional native mobile app.

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Hyper Jump

Greenscreen lighting tests - Hyper Jump

Quite often someone in the creative team will come up with a technique or idea that sends us on a journey of testing and retesting, then more testing and retesting, then a brainwave, then more testing and retesting.

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