Upbeat brings Drupal apprenticeships to the North!

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Following this year’s Drupal Camp North, you may remember how we were excited to tell you about an upcoming apprenticeship scheme. Well, the wheels are in motion - in fact, they’re full speed ahead, as this week we welcome some friendly faces to Upbeat - three enthusiastic candidates for our very own Drupal apprenticeship opportunity!

We already play an active part in the Drupal community, having enjoyed sponsoring and supporting this year’s Drupal Camp North which embraced the thriving software, creative and tech industries in the North East (as well as its worldwide audience!) But unfortunately, there remains to be a shortage of developer resources available locally in the North-West. It’s time to put that right.

Team Hydrant

As passionate ambassadors of Carlisle and the surrounding Cumbria area - and with room for developers to join our team - we plan to close this gap. Upbeat are proud to announce that we will be supporting our very own Drupal Apprenticeship Bootcamp and have already begun our journey into ‘developing’ Developers for the benefit of Carlisle’s digital community.

Thanks to Happy.co.uk, who facilitate apprenticeship schemes in conjunction with the Government, alongside our connection with local college thanks to Michael's active involvement, we are able to offer the opportunity to three local students from Carlisle College, who will complete a free two week bootcamp to upskill in all things Drupal.

Before starting the scheme’s bootcamp our candidates have already been set a Drupal challenge, to build a personal blogging website using Drupal 7. This had to include a Homepage, Contact Me Page (using Drupal’s webform module), a Blogging section and an About Me page. To challenge them further we stated that the websites had to have their own custom theme and use a custom drupal module that had a menu route defined.

Now the candidates have made it to Upbeat bootcamp! Bootcamp involves an intensive period of training in Drupal, helping them to get up to speed with the help of Happy.co.uk mentor Crispin, who is also working in partnership with Upbea’s dedicated mentors, Michael and Mark, to help our candidates through the course over the coming fortnight. Here's what Michael had to say,

“I feel proud to be a mentor during Upbeat’s apprenticeship scheme, I have always said that it is important to offer the opportunity to youngsters to get involved in tech as early as possible. At Upbeat we have a great working environment, and it is fantastic that we can share this with our candidates. They will get real life experience working within the industry, whilst being supported by some of the best in the industry.”

Following the two week bootcamp, the three candidates will not only benefit from their newly acquired skills and the opportunity to work alongside our experienced developers, but Upbeat will also be offering 1-2 graduates a role with us to stay on and complete a full apprenticeship programme fully funded by Upbeat!

Best of luck to everyone involved, time to get stuck in and make Carlisle’s future developers a thriving community.  We will keep you posted on progress over on Twitter - plus, we are hoping to take on more apprentices on an annual basis with local colleges - helping local talent to train and become our fully fledged drupal developers of the future! Stay tuned.