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MSD Animal Health - Keeping Britain’s Horses Healthy

We’re really pleased to say that we have worked with MSD Animal Health for several years on a number of projects including MyPetOnline (which is a website dedicated to small animals which are Dog, Cat and Rabbit) and Healthy Horses, which is dedicated to the equine industry. The Healthy Horses website is actually based upon the same site structure as MyPetOnline, but had incorporated an existing design which had now become dated. We had the opportunity to work closer with the equine team to improve the look and feel as well as functionality of the site, to help the equine team to promote their services to horse owners in the best way possible.

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The Food Standards Agency - Keeping you safe and helping small businesses

The FSA wanted to create a web-based tool that would allow producers of smoked fish to better understand the risks regarding contamination of their product by Listeria. The ultimate project aim was to reduce the risk of Listeria in smoked fish through better education and information leading to changes in working practices to reduce and mitigate risk.

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University of Cumbria - Buiding a virtual community with real life problems

For the past six years, the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing at the University of Cumbria have been developing a comprehensive repository of linked e-learning materials to be used in distance, blended and face to face teaching. The materials are based on characters within a fictitious town, covering a wide social spectrum, and offer unique learning opportunities for health students to apply their theoretical knowledge to the real world problems that affect the town’s residents.

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