Rescue projects: the importance of site audits

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Need helping making some changes to your current website? Is it time you updated your site based upon the latest insights, understanding of your visitor behaviours, or just need some new features and a design refresh? Or maybe you’ve found yourself in a sticky situation with your current website supplier?

These are all very common scenarios and something that can be handled with a site audit. This is a straightforward process that allows us quickly and simply to help kick things off so that we can see what’s happening behind the scenes of your website.

When we are approached by a company who have website already started but not quite finished, we will always perform an audit to gauge what state the site is in. It allows us to identify key areas which need fixing or may cause issues with the hosting and support of the site, such as modified code, out of date packages, or large quantities of custom code….

Why do we do this? We want to know what we are letting ourselves in for so that we can successfully help you! It’s important to identify problem areas, such as unfinished or broken features, and badly written code. Some areas may ring alarm bells, while others may just be something of note. Either way, we want to document this so we can confidently rectify any areas of concern.

We also want to know how the site is structured and document an understanding of what logic is happening where and how it’s been applied. A lot of rescue projects that come our way use Drupal. We will determine how the architecture of the site has been constructed, such as “entities” like; content types, taxonomy, users and the fields on them.

We’ll also highlight any other recommendations so that you can plan your future website roadmap. These may be complex or high-risk areas that should be investigated further, performance or stability improvements, or even SEO or analytics suggestions.

We’ll have you covered. Better yet, you’ll be on your way to achieving a website that performs in the way you need it to and overcome the issues which stood in your way.

If you’d like to chat some more about this process or anything else to do with your site or related activities then why not drop us a line.