My video production internship at Upbeat Productions

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For the past 8 weeks, I have been an intern with Upbeat Productions at their London offices. As an intern at Upbeat, I have had the opportunity to assist on press junkets, observe on the set of branded promotional videos, develop my video editing skills in Adobe Premiere, conduct research for clients, and attend video and marketing conferences to learn more about the industries of video production and content creation.

Upbeat has been an excellent introduction to the world of online video production - a field I had little experience with prior to my internship placement. By working alongside the video production team, assisting with video shoots, and gaining hands on knowledge of the world of video marketing, I have been able to develop my skills as an aspiring filmmaker, and also gain exposure to a field of production that I knew little about beforehand.

With the help of my supervisors at Upbeat, I’ve grown more confident in my knowledge of video production, and have a newfound understanding of what goes into a successful video marketing campaign.

After working in the office for nearly two months, it’s clear that Upbeat values teamwork, comradery, and trust between all its employees and clients in order to maintain an efficient and friendly workplace.

Upbeat often works with clients they support and have a personal connection with, so many of their projects are driven by the desire to share what they’re passionate about and to help educate larger audiences on the good that their clients are doing. For example, Upbeat recently filmed a series of videos for a research trust, in order to help raise awareness of the work they do. By observing Upbeat’s work on this project, I learned so much about the creative process of producing branded content and how much work goes into making a short-form video.

Throughout my internship, I’ve loved getting to know more about how a small-scale, independently run production company works and I’m excited to apply this knowledge throughout my career.