MSD Animal Health - Keeping Britain’s Horses Healthy

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We’re really pleased to say that we have worked with MSD Animal Health for several years on a number of projects including MyPetOnline (which is a website dedicated to small animals which are Dog, Cat and Rabbit) and Healthy Horses, which is dedicated to the equine industry. The Healthy Horses website is actually based upon the same site structure as MyPetOnline, but had incorporated an existing design which had now become dated. We had the opportunity to work closer with the equine team to improve the look and feel as well as functionality of the site, to help the equine team to promote their services to horse owners in the best way possible.

The Challenge 

Healthy Horses

The objectives for the site were to:

Make this the number 1 website for general and horse preventative health information and to create a place for horse owners to get further information on the Keeping Britain’s Horses Healthy initiative - specifically to:

  • Drive horse owners to veterinary practices and recognise the vet as a valuable first opinion source.
  • Educate horse owners on herd immunity, changing attitudes to encourage greater vaccination uptake in yards.
  • Encourage yards to create policies for disease prevention and management.
  • Encourage Horse owners to become more proactive in preventative healthcare for their horses.

Creating a community for yard owners to access educational preventative health information, share ideas with other yards and recognise and act on the concept of herd immunity.

The challenge was to re-design the existing website to have a more engaging vision.  The site needed to be easy to navigate too, with the same core messages. It ultimately needed to address the following key areas of concern:

  • To make the site less clinical - the look, feel and tone needed to be softened and be more emotive to appeal to users who are passionate about their horses
  • To provide a variety of page formats which would enable content to be displayed in a number of ways
  • To make it easy to provide educational materials for download
  • To be more focused on the target audience and less generic
  • To be optimised for search engines to improve website traffic

The Results

  • A fully responsive site which provides easy to use content on desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Improved access to information for horse and yard owners
  • Interactive functions such as quizzes and polls enabling MSD to run initiatives and campaigns such as Horse Health Week which launches in September 2015
  • Easier to manage content on site
  • Improved modern and fresher design
  • Improved site navigation

The Solution

The new Healthy Horses website reflects the modern, updated brand, improved navigation and offers a smoother user experience.  The website remains on the same content management system platform however features have been enhanced such as online quizzes, polls and access to educational materials.

We used the MSD Animal Health brand guidelines to deliver a website design that is fully responsive so that it works well on desktop, tablet and mobile devices to ensure the site is reachable by the target audience.