Magento Frequently Asked Questions

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As part of our ongoing process to help clients understand what we do at Upbeat, and what we offer, we are doing a series of four FAQ posts - one each Monday.


Magento eCommerce

This second post focuses on Magento E-Commerce. Upbeat have used Magento to create stunning websites for clients wanting to sell online. We have been using this powerful yet scalable e-commerce solution to create integrated e-commerce solutions for a myriad of clients. If you want to sell online Magento could just be the solution for you.....

“What is Magento?”

Magento is an E-commerce development platform or put it another way the engine that will run your online shop. Like our other preferred solutions at Upbeat it is also Open Source. So rather than paying a licence fee your budget can be spent on creating the right solution to maximise sales.

To view a demonstration of Magento, you can watch this video:

“What are the benefits of having a Magento website?”

Magento is a scalable, modular and extendable e-commerce platform. That means, using Magento, Upbeat can build a bespoke solution tailored to your needs. We are therefore not limited by system functionality so our e-commerce solution can grow as your business grows.

It's also open source solution, which means it is supported by an active and diverse community of people around the world. Because it is so actively supported, websites can be easily expanded in functionality and size, and it is regularly maintained.It is a safe and reliable solution that integrates with your secure payment gateway - important to know if you trade or sell online.

“What does a Magento site look like?”

The simple answer to that question is what it needs to look like. Magento e-commerce does not dictate how your site looks or functions. Upbeat use the platform to create a solution that is right for your needs now and into the future.

Examples of Magento sites built by Upbeat, include Kennedy’s Chocolates (, Romar Innovate Ltd ( and The Bath House (

To view more examples visit the ‘Our work’ section of the Upbeat website.

“Why should I get a Magento Website?”

Magento is a flexible and powerful system that gives you all the required features to allow you to start selling online; but is flexible enough to allow a variety of requirements to be fulfilled.

And because Magento is modular, many essential "tools" and additions such as email marketing, payment processing, shipping costs, invoicing/accounts and CRM, are already available as module extensions. These are often paid for extras with other solutions.

“What are the differences between Magento and other systems?”

Magento is a specialist e-commerce platform, it is designed to for online selling. Other systems may claim to have an e-commerce solution but this will be probably be an extension to the main service or function. Magento has one purpose - online selling, it has therefore has been built with the purpose of providing a platform to build powerful, scalable and successful e-commerce solutions that grow with your business.

“How can I get a Magento Website?”

Give us a call on 0845 862 1111 and have a chat with us - we'll see if we can help you out!