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The FSA wanted to create a web-based tool that would allow producers of smoked fish to better understand the risks regarding contamination of their product by Listeria. The ultimate project aim was to reduce the risk of Listeria in smoked fish through better education and information leading to changes in working practices to reduce and mitigate risk.

The Challenge

The Food Standards Agency

The FSA had to tackle the issue of reducing consumers' exposure to Listeria in smoked fish. Upbeat worked closely with the FSA to develop an online tool aimed at food producers. Intuitive, accessible and simple to use, the tool also includes detailed information on safe practices and proposes remedial action as required. The tool is also used by Environmental Health Officers for the education of producers to avoid the need for enforcement actions.

The Results

  • A fully responsive site which provides easy to use content on desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Quick and easy self-assessment system for food producers to compare themselves against best practice standards
  • Improved access to information for environmental health officers and other bodies
  • Flexible tool with the ability to easily introduce other food products in the future
  • The FSA team enjoyed working with us, were delighted with the results, and ranked us a full five out of five on their satisfaction survey

The Solution

Upbeat built the Safe Smoked Fish Tool using Drupal 7, allowing for the requirements to be met with a modern, and robust content management system.

We used the FSA’s brand guidelines to deliver a website design that is fully responsive and works well on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The online tool was developed to deliver the following:

  • Improved production processes
  • Reduce contamination of foodstuffs with the Listeria bacteria
  • Improved access to information for EHOs and other bodies to inform and educate food producers. 

In addition to this, the tool helps producers highlight practices deemed at risk and then inform on mitigation measures to reduce these risks.

" Upbeat are an excellent contractor-efficient, reliable and friendly. They developed a first-rate site which fully answered our requirements. "

Dr. Marianne James, Scientific Advisor Food Standards Agency in Scotland