Drupal Frequently Asked Questions

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As part of our ongoing process to help clients understand what we do at Upbeat, and what we offer, we are doing a series of four FAQ posts - one each Monday.

So far in the series of posts, Dan Matthews shares his knowledge on Responsive Design, discussing the need to ensure your site is responsive to the device and browser used by your client or customer.

Drupal Specialists

Web Developer, Mark Burns in the second FAQ post discussed Magento and answered most commonly asked questions regarding the popular e-commerce solution.

Ian Cawthorne is a web developer at Upbeat and has seven years of experience in building websites using Drupal content management system. Ian shares his knowledge in response to the most common questions we get asked, and gives you a little bit more information on the benefits of building your website using Drupal.

“What is Drupal?”

Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS).  Drupal CMS allows end users like you to easily update content on your website. It is used to create and manage every type of website from large scale organisations to small business websites.

“What is Open Source?”  

Drupal is an open source platform. It is free to use and does not have a paid for licence like other software for example Microsoft. This means 100% of your budget is used to create a great website.

So where is the catch? Simply there isn’t one.

Paid for solutions will try and tell you open source is not supported or poses a security risk or does not provide regular updates,

Wrong, wrong and wrong.

Drupal is a well supported CMS platform that is regularly updated. It is used by many organisations from The White House, Twitter to Teach.gov looking to gain a competitive advantage.

“What are the benefits of having a website built using Drupal CMS?”

Apart from the obvious benefit of no licence fees - the power of Drupal CMS is in the way it provides end users such a huge degree of flexibility to modify, share, and distribute content (text, video, data, business services).

It provides an intuitive and simple web based editing solution to allow even the most technophobic user to easily create, post and change complex site content.

Drupal is also a flexible and scalable solution, making it perfect for any size of business website or project. You can use as much or as little as you like, when you like, allowing your website to grow with your business needs and requirements.

It has an active developer network - ensuring new modules and functions are being continually developed. And in the unlikely event Drupal cannot provide exactly what you need we can always provide our own bespoke Drupal solution for you.

So whatever your need or requirement Drupal will always be able to provide a solution.

“What does a Drupal site look like?”

Well we like to think it will look great.

Drupal does not restrict the design of the website like some content management systems - so your website will look how it is meant to look.

So if you required your site to be red with yellow spots, then we will use Drupal to do just that. We would however like to think you will want something a little different to that - we will therefore use our design and development process to create a stunning website that is easy for you to update and amend.

Some of our favourite sites we have created for Upbeat clients are:

www.derwent-artprize.com - a campaign awareness site
www.highpeak.gov.uk - a large public sector tranacational site
www.mypetonline.co.uk - a magazine site with rich content

“What are the differences between Drupal and other content management systems?”

Drupal is not a one size fits all solution - it is not just for constructing particular types of sites. It is a web publishing platform flexible to handle multiple requirements and provide multiple solutions.

It allows you to take control of your site and publish content in the right format, in the right place and at the right time.

It places search engine optimisation at the heart of your website - to maximise your site’s potential and visibility.

"So, How can I get a Drupal Website?"

Give us a call on 01228 830001 and have a chat with us - we'll see if we can help you out!