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We are delighted to be working with a local business, especially one with such a long standing reputation as The Cumberland Building Society.

The Cumberland Building SocietyAs part of a major website redesign and mobile-optimisation project, The Cumberland approached Upbeat to help build on the user experience provided by their existing mortgage calculator.

Our clients saw the potential to provide new and existing customers with an improved online experience; one that outperforms those of direct competitors, including many of the major High Street banks.

The key challenges would centre around synchronisation of the new calculator’s logic, to perfectly match the original, as well as the organisation’s internal systems and processes. As soon as this synchronisation was established, the next step was to understand how to simplify and reduce the user inputs required, and then display the mortgage products which match the user’s criteria, as clearly as possible.

Then, once the core platform had been completed and successfully released to the public, Upbeat set about implementing a series of features to enhance the user journey further; enabling users to email themselves a summary of the recommended products, and commence the application process; all with the minimum data entry possible.

By reducing and simplifying user inputs, while providing clear and accurate information to customers, on any device, every interaction has been optimised to create a slick customer touchpoint, at each step of the user journey; emailing a product summary to users, providing branch staff with a greater level of detail to expedite in-branch appointments and a reduction in administration, through integration with other internal systems.

By delivering the project using the latest Open Source technology, The Cumberland Building Society benefits from a standardised platform, without any license cost implications, and the scope to deliver an unlimited ongoing roadmap of improvements.

The project team at Upbeat have thoroughly enjoyed working with The Cumberland, using flexible working approaches that delivered maximum value to society members, whilst providing an industry-leading experience to its customers.

In fact the project has been so well received, that Upbeat is currently working with The Cumberland Building Society to deliver additional features.


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