Apprentice Success!

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Did you hear? Not one, but all of our candidates have shown promise, enthusiasm and skills to boot!

As you know we’ve been running a two week bootcamp to introduce three apprenticeship candidates to Drupal with the hope of starting them on the road to employment. Upbeat has always been able to bring on board young talent and let them grow within our business, so it has been fantastic to do this in a more formal way with Crispin Read and the team helping us.

Apprentice Success

This is the first time the scheme has run in the north of England and is an important step to help ensure there are new skilled candidates entering the digital sector within our region. Leo White, MD explains further:

“Apprenticeships are a great way forward to upskill and support the future staff we need. Tackling the skills shortage head on is important for regional agencies like us to grow but it can seem daunting talking on very junior staff. The bootcamp format provided an interesting angle as it gives both apprentice and mentor time to build confidence before embarking on a year of learning together.”

The original plan was to offer a full apprenticeship opportunity to one or two of the candidates at the end of the intensive bootcamp experience… while our own mentors, Mark and Michael, have been closely working with Crispin to help identify and ensure that we pick the right people.

What has been great to see is all of the candidates have shown promise, enthusiasm and a mix of skills that make them all worthy of an opportunity to begin their careers in website development with Upbeat. Michael and Mark were very pleased with everyone’s performance;

“Within a week or so, with our support, feedback and guidance from Crispin, all three candidates finished their websites. We were all so impressed with what was produced, their dedication and drive we decided that we would offer a place for all three candidates to become part of Upbeat as junior developers - starting on Monday!”

This week is already off to a brilliant start - as we warmly welcome Alan, Cameron and Reece, as Trainee Web Developers.

Here’s how Reece has found his experience so far;

“The bootcamp that Upbeat held over the last two weeks was a really good way of introducing us to what Upbeat was all about and how they work, but was also good for Upbeat to see what kind of level we are all working at and how enthusiastic we are about working in a web dev/building role. I think holding the bootcamp was a good idea and I'm glad I took the initiative to contact Upbeat because it's all worked out in the end! Everyone has been very approachable so far and have made us all feel very comfortable and relaxed, I can't wait to continue working and learning more about site building and Drupal in general!”

With inductions underway we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the three new members of #TeamUpbeat

P.s. We’re on the lookout for experienced positions too! So if you’d like to join us, and build awesome sites, apps and more with our growing team - visit our jobsite and get applying