What does Upbeat Productions do?

Upbeat is a hardworking team of creatives, engineers and digital producers who create engaging content and well crafted technology for businesses and brands of all sizes.

Our ninja special skills are in creating proof of concepts, prototypes and solving unique and often complex challenges.

We can draw all our skills together in a single unified project methodology, or supply discrete services as required. Our flexibility and wide-ranging skills allow us to deliver a diverse range of services. Whilst some specific service areas are listed below, please call or drop in to see us to discuss our capabilities and previous examples of work.

We've also built a solid reputation for success in supplying co-sourcing capabilities to existing teams, as well as for helping to transform internal teams.

Software, Apps & Website Construction

We create websites, apps, frameworks and prototypes using a range of technologies. We are primarily technology agnostic, though we have specialist skills utilising Ruby on Rails and Drupal.

As part of Upbeat, we are used to integrating our software and our project methodologies, with real content, content production and content management.

We've worked on some very well known and used websites, often working alongside an existing in-house team to provide the "heavy lifting".

We understand that a website is more than just code, and that the project to create a website needs to involve more than just a technical team. We have proven skills producing content, creating website platforms, and operating websites commercially.

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Video & Audio Production

Upbeat offers sophisticated bespoke video and audio production services to aid PR and marketing campaigns, increase SEO and drive brand engagement and excitement. Upbeat carefully considers the strategic aims of each project and will advise on the best way to maximise the effectiveness of the content created.

Upbeat take care of every aspect of visual storytelling for our clients, from planning through to scripting, interviewing, filming and editing. Our range of facilities and trained crew allow Upbeat to deliver on-location filming for each project.

Alternatively, the Upbeat Soho studio features everything needed to create innovative videos, tutorials, voiceovers and audio books. Our soundproof studio can provide either a plain or greenscreen set up, full lighting and motion graphic technology to establish the best setting possible. Our camera operators are trained editors and have worked extensively in content production meaning client and brand messages are in safe hands from inception to completion.

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