Software Construction

Services :

  • Ruby on Rails: We are experts in Ruby on Rails, having created websites, apps and entire platforms for some of the UK's largest publishers and brands.

  • Elasticsearch: We use elasticsearch extensively, leveraging its search, analytics and data storage capabilities. We regularly create auto-scaling clusters processing many millions of data points.

  • Proof-of-Concepts & Prototypes: Working in collaboration with our client, and any experts required, we can create a proof-of-concept to either prove technical feasibility or commercial viability of a new product. Many of our recent POCs have launched successfully to the public and are serving hundreds of thousands of users and managing many millions in online payments. Our extensive experience creating and managing websites and other digital platforms, and our technologically agnostic attitude make us particularly skilful at working with startups, with innovation or new business teams, and anyone requiring rapid construction of quality technology.

  • Platforms: We have extensive experience architecting and constructing entire platforms, and integrating platforms. Platform construction is a different discipline from creating a standalone application or website. Talk to us for some useful examples of the differences.

  • Connected applications: We've created applications for Samsung and LG TVs, mobile phones, tablets and bespoke kiosks. Many of these will connect to APIs in Ruby On Rails or Drupal backends, or other platforms such as Salesforce.

  • Security auditing: We can audit your existing or new applications, and complete both internal and external tests.

  • Project rooms: Upbeat's offices include project rooms, often called "war rooms" in an agile project. Our clients, or our clients’ designer or developers often embed themselves with us, especially whilst constructing a proof-of-concept.

We create websites, apps, frameworks and prototypes using a range of technologies. We are primarily technology agnostic, though we have specialist skills utilising Ruby on Rails and Drupal.

As part of Upbeat, we are used to integrating our software and our project methodologies, with real content, content production and content management.

We've worked on some very well known and used websites, often working alongside an existing in-house team to provide the "heavy lifting".

We understand that a website is more than just code, and that the project to create a website needs to involve more than just a technical team. We have proven skills producing content, creating website platforms, and operating websites commercially.

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