Our People

Upbeat Productions is a central London based production facility specialising in video content creation. Upbeat has a filming studio with audio recording facilities, and an in-house team of experienced lighting cameramen, editors, engineers, producers, writers and journalists.

Upbeat was born in the spring of 2010, when Dennis Edmonds, Nick Adams and a team of investors took the operation (then known as Moviebeat) out of its former home at The Picture Production Company and joined with Chapter Media, with whom they re-launched it as an independent video production and online content provision facility.

Upbeat has two distinct client bases: those looking for a highly professional yet cost effective way to have a range of promo video pieces produced (including launch event sizzles, help videos, movie shows, premiere reports, film festival reports, and interviews with film stars & filmmakers), and key ISPs, portals, websites and blogs eager to ensure they can offer their users the widest range of movies-related video content, from the biggest blockbusters to niche independent and art house releases.

Recent clients include Yahoo!, Red Bull, Pottermore, major film studios such as Warner Bros, Disney, Universal, Fox & Sony, and independent film distributors such as Studiocanal, entertainmentOne, Artificial Eye, Soda & Kaleidoscope.

Upbeat Productions delivers the best quality video editorial content available in the market - so whatever your content question, Upbeat is the answer.

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