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Companies and Services who Work with Upbeat

Chapter Media

Chapter Media is a technology and business consultancy company that has a proven track-record in delivering results for content owners, networks and brands across Mobile, iPTV, interactive TV and the Web.

Brighter Path

Brighter Path is a technology based company that develops key intellectual properties (IP) for maximising revenues over commerce platforms and across Games, Connected TV and PPV/PPD mediums, and that focuses on emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil.


Experience12 is a boutique experiential marketing agency specialising in the creation and execution of live experiences, live PR, marketing and promotions.

Belt & Braces PR

Belt & Braces PR is more than PR, tending to have ideas that people want to watch, read, like, share, join in with or simply stare at for a while.

Strike Media

Strike Media is a Press, Promotions, Partnerships and Consultancy for the Entertainment Industry.

Channel Creator

ChannelCreator is a business development and sales outsourcing agency consisting of a network of talented sales consultants spread throughout EMEA with an experienced advisory board based in California, USA.

Raindance Film Festival

Raindance Film Festival is an independent film festival and film school that operates throughout major cities, and has been coming up with innovative training and social media for 21 years, annually uncovering the hottest new filmmakers to hit the cinematic scene.


Filmbeat loves film, bringing to the online viewer the most up to date interviews, premiere reports and trailers, giving insights into every movie, whether it is an A-list blockbuster or a documentary about sheep.

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