Our Ethos

When we created this company, we set out our ambitions for how we wanted to behave and how we wanted to approach work. Whilst fun and money are necessities, there are subtler beliefs by which we operate:

  • We are open, honest and transparent.
  • We believe in having a happy and well trained team.
  • We work as a team, both inside our company and with our clients.
  • We want to maintain both flexibility and quality.
  • We create solutions that balance short-term needs against long-term value and platform development.
  • We believe it is possible to deliver exacting quality and service cost-effectively.
  • We build long-term relationships as production, development and advisory partners for your products.
  • Our job is to provide the best advice we can alongside the day-to-day services we provide.
  • We don’t sell overpriced commodity services.
  • We believe that "small and agile" can deliver a mighty result.
  • We work hard to develop an ecosystem of freelancers, technologies, partners, suppliers and industry experts. Our partners are best of breed and match our service commitment and exacting quality levels.

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